Circle of Serbian Sisters
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Humble Beginnings

The Circle of Serbian Sisters in the Niagara area was founded long before the Church-School Congregation. They organized our church community life. On the initiative of Mrs. Mirolovic from Welland in 1935, the Yugoslavian Circle of Sisters was established. Mrs. Ljubica Radovancevic from Welland was the first president of the Circle. The ladies met in private homes and their primary objective was to greet newcomers from the former Yugoslavia.

During the Second World War, the Sisters were intensively collecting aid that was being sent through the Serbian Red Cross to the prisoners of war in Germany. In 1944, the group changed their name to the Circle of Serbian Sisters due to the developing situation in Yugoslavia. The Sainovich family made their premises available to the Circle to be used for the celebration of Patron Saint Days and banquets, while the meetings were held in private homes. The first meeting in the of the Serbian Community was held on March 8th, 1953, and at that time it was decided to form the Church-School Congregation.

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The Circle of Serbian Sisters selflessly continued their work under the auspices of the Church Congregation and contributed to their progress. The Church congregation welcomed their first priest on September 13, 1953, Father Nikola Stojisavljevic. The Circle of Serbian Sisters arranged a welcoming banquet and since that time have been responsible for the maintenance and furnishing of the Parish home. The congregation began the process of purchasing property from 1955-1959.

The Sisters were instrumental in contributing 25% of the purchase price of the Montrose Road property from their treasury. The Sisters have worked tirelessly from their inception contributing funds to the purchase of the property, building of the hall, building of the Church, Church chandelier, pavilion, furnishings and maintenance of the Parish home, vestments, aide for Serbian orphans of war (1991), etc.

For several years our Sisters catered weddings, banquets, parties and various events in our Church Hall raising funds for our Church. Currently there are eighty members of the Circle of Serbian Sisters in Niagara Falls. For the past six years the Sisters' main fundraiser has been the Friday Fish Fry at the Church Hall, 6085 Montrose Road, from September to May . The Sisters, spouses, children and parishioners volunteer for this event. The Sisters have held "Fish Fry Fundraisers" in support of GNGH Foundation contributing a total of $8,000. towards this worthwhile community cause.