April 13, 2020

Temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Our church has been impacted because it relies on the donations of those in our community. Find out how you can help!




Drywall/Construction Progress in the Hall




Work hasrecommenced on the hall affective May 19, 2020. A number of activities thatwere scheduled upon reopening have been completed. There are concerns thatCOVID 19 may cause material availability issues.


·      Customizedaluminum covers for the beams on the North Patio completed

·      AluminumEaves, Fascia, Downspouts and Soffits completed

·      Theexterior pot light installation completed

·      Insulation-Outer walls batted and inspection completed

·      Insulation-Added to the upper roof trusses that abut the partition wall

·      Coneinstallation and roof top refrigerant units are on the roof for walk in cooler

·      FramingWalk in cooler/ Freezer completed. Interior wall and ceiling install completed

·      Walk-inCooler/ Freezer Evaporator, Condensing, Fan units and refrigerant linescompleted.

·      Interiorlight fixtures. Wood supports installed for smaller fixtures

·      Upperwalls of the Main Hall Spray Foam insulation applied.

·      InteriorWalls Sound Insulation installed where required

·      Installationof the Balance of the plywood Shear walls completed.

·      StructuralEngineer scheduled site visit completed. Shear walls reviewed and accepted.

·      Therequired drywall in the truss area completed

·      Bookcreated with the Kitchen and bar equipment specified in the drawing package (s)

·      FinalCoat Asphalt for parking Lot Completed

·      ParkingLines and wheelchair Logos Painted


Thearchitect provided guidance and further design details for the millwork, wood trimand interior door requirements. These design details are being discussed withprospective bidders.

We have tofurther meet with our volunteer consultant(s) to review requirements for thelayout and millwork details for the bar, kitchen and washroom features andgranite installs.

The trackfor the partition walls will be installed once the required supports arefinalized and installed.

All of thesmaller sized light fixtures are on site. Where wood supports are required, we have prepared the mounting areasfor the light fixtures per the architect’s direction.

Work inProcess

·      MechanicalHVAC and Plumbing to continue once the kitchen and fryer walls are completed.The planning and scheduling for the construction of the required walls is inprocess.  

·      MechanicalContractor is required to schedule Smoke Test of the kitchen hood ducting.

·      Kitchencookline and fryer walls- Fire rated wrap received on site. Schedule forinstalling pending.

·      TheKitchen hoods, exhausts delivery pending. The mechanical contractor has beenfollowing up on the shipment of the units due to delivery concerns

·      Theconstruction of the walk-in freezer/ cooler freezer in process.

·      SpayFoam install for walk in cooler scheduled

·      Electrical-Verified that all rough wiring affecting the ceiling and walls are complete.

·      Preparationand completion of storage rooms in process. Drywall installed.

·      Thetrack for the partition walls will be installed once the required support. Atentative date has been established

·      Drywallin process- Main Hall Walls Boarded. We are working on plan for boarding thefront area of the hall and the kitchen.

·      InteriorTiles – We are looking into the quantity of tile for contingency and future maintenance.We may opt to purchase tile directly. We have concerns that COVID 19 may impactour plans.

·      The architect indicated what palettethe interior colors. Samples have been provided for his approval. Wallpaperselections, ceiling paint selected. Interior wall paint color and wood stainpending

·      Light fixtures metal supports.  Additional Site visit scheduled for vendor tomeasure.

·      Ceiling Supports for partition wallmetal supports. Additional Site visit scheduled for vendor to measure.


Quotes/Specification Development in Process

·      TileInstallation- Need to decide whether to direct purchase tiles. Quotes are inhouse for comparison of tile only with separate installers quote and completesupply and install.

·      LightShades- Color to complement new tile selected and approved by architectSourcing fabric fire resistant and tested to standards required.

·      Interiorwood doors- Quotes received need further review.

·      Interiorwood trim in process. Site visits by vendors are in process.



Project Manager


Fr. Milorad at Lundy's Lane Cemetery




Thank you to Father Milorad for his prayers andlove over the past few months.   FatherMilorad has been very accommodating and many of our parishioners have calledupon him for prayers, visits and reassurance during this difficult time.   Unfortunately, we have lost threeparishioners during this pandemic and friends and family were not able toattend the funeral and graveside services. Father Milorad consoled the families, made hospital and home visitswhile maintaining pandemic protocol.

Vjecna ja pamjat +Vida Vladisavljevic,+Tomislav Bojovic, and +Mr. Kirilovic.

Pictured above is the Zadusnice service held atLundy’s Lane Cemetary.

Thank you Father Milorad for your love andsupport.



The Provincial Government is now allowingattendance at church services to a maximum of 30% of capacity.

The maximum limit for our church is 50people.    We ask that you be aware ofthis limit and if necessary, we will arrange for additional services toaccommodate all worshippers.



Ten (10) people are now allowed to gather,social distancing of 2 meters is required.



A big thank you to all that have been workinghard to do all the gardening and maintenance around our church for the pastseveral months!   It looks beautiful!



Thank you to all who have been coming out toassist with cutting the grass, clearing the branches, maintaining thegrounds.  The property looks beautifuland we look forward to a time when we can all meet and celebrate!



The bricks have been ordered and will beinstalled later this month.   A waitinglist is in effect for the next section of bricks.   Thank you to Georgina Kirally for all herhard work on this project!



Due to Provincial Government restrictions, the75th Annual Serbian Day will be postponed until June 2021.